How To Style: Blazer

girl with black turtle neck and brown printer blazer, jeans, and gold jewelry

Blazers. That’s it.

Just kidding, but they’re a versatile piece and a must-have in everyone’s closet. You can style them down, wear them at the office/ interviews, or out for a dinner date. Here are three ways I love to style them!

1. Dinner Date
Whether you’re going out with your friends or your significant other, pair a blazer with leather pants and a cute top for the perfect date night outfit.

2. Brunch Time
If you have an oversized blazer, wearing a long button-up, some fun tights, and knee-high boots makes the perfect brunch look!

3. Casual / Grocery Day
If you want that relaxed almost an “I didn’t really try, but I did” type of look, you can pair up your blazer with some jeans, shorts, or a sweater to contradict the structured look of a blazer.

If you want to see other ways I like to pair them out check out my TikTok for more outfit inspo!